One of the reasons that I got into academia was to do research that could help people understand the world around them in a better way. While I enjoy writing for an academic audience, my desire has always been to be accessible to the general public both in how I write and how I speak. Nothing brings more satisfaction to me than helping people have “light bulb” moments. I am very comfortable speaking in front a crowd – I’ve been preaching nearly every Sunday of my adult life. To get a sense of me, feel free to click through some of the media available on this website including the NBC Left Field Documentary that is in the section below.

If you would like me to come speak to your church, denominational meeting, leadership retreat, or anywhere else – please just send me an email at the address in the bottom left of the page.

In 2017, I had put into the field a survey of American Baptist Clergy. The questions ranged from theological issues to political opinions. I was asked to present some of the findings of that survey to the National Leadership Council of the American Baptist Churches in Green Lake, Wisconsin, which led to an invitation to speak at the Board of General Ministries for ABCUSA in Portland, Oregon. A powerpoint of that presentation can be viewed by clicking here. 


In April of 2017 I was invited to be the Ormond Church/State Lecturer at Greenville University, my alma mater. While there I spoke during morning chapel to the entire student body, as well as a colloquium presentation about how the Religious Right has taken over American religion. A video of the chapel message can be viewed here.  And a link to the presentation about the Religious Right is available here.

In October of 2019 I was invited to speak at Fordham University in New York City at a symposium entitled: Does Faith Have a Future? A Symposium on God, Religion, and the ‘Nones.’ I was on a panel with Kaya Oakes and Tara Isabella Burton and we fielded questions from the audience about the future of religion in the United States.


In January of 2019, I was asked to present some research at the Send Institute, which is a joint venture of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the North American Mission Board. I delivered two 75 minute presentations that focused on the American religious landscape and how things have shifted over the last four decades.

A link to the presentation is available here.