Hannah Smothers, Ryan Burge, and Paul Djupe
Smothers, Hannah, Ryan Burge, and Paul Djupe. 2020. “The Gendered Religious Response to State Action on the Coronavirus Pandemic.” Politics & Gender: 1–12. doi: 10.1017/S1743923X20000306.
Publication year: 2020

State action to curtail the spread of the coronavirus has meant advising, and sometimes mandating, houses of worship to close to in-person worship. While mostly cooperative, the religious response has been varied and has exposed a hardened, defiant core. Informed by gendered religious worldviews, religious defiance is led by men and disproportionately supported by men. In this article, we document the extent of the defiance as of late March 2020 with our survey data and then investigate how gendered religious worldviews serve to track men to public roles and women to private ones. We attempt to confirm the nature of these effects with a gendered nationalism item and parallel gender gaps in political participation.